Monday, January 27, 2014


To all of you who have taken the time to post comments: THANK YOU!

1] I read Simone de Beauvoir years ago. But thank you, I will look into it again.

2] If you want to read other stuff I've written on yin and yang, please go to

3] In terms of pronouncing yin and yang: These are Chinese words. I can only approximate how they are really pronounced, because Chinese is tonal and very difficult to hear for those of us for whom English is a first language. One would have to be around people speaking Chinese for quite a while to start to hear the tones. Nevertheless, Yang is pronounced MORE like TONG than, say TANG. MORE like, but how precisely depends on how well you can hear native Chinese people say it.

4]And best of all; your recent comments have caused me to start writing posts again. I stopped, frankly, because my brother died. It was so hard to write with warmth and feeling for a long time after that. I stopped writing my book for almost 4 years. And blew the small chance I had to have an agent try to sell it. I'm starting it up, again, and believe me; your comments are extremely helpful and I keep them in front of me when I write.

Here's to all of us surviving this tough winter, intact, to grow green shoots in the spring!


Mary Traina